Varla Eagle One V2.0′ E-scooter Thumb Throttle: A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Control

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Varla has always managed to bring its best foot forward when it comes to launching world-class dual-motor electric scooters. With their long-range electric scooters, they have elevated the standard of adult electric scooters in the market. Their all-terrain electric scooters have helped riders enjoy the best experience no matter what time of the year they are in!

A similar great manufacturing product was released not too long ago, The Varla Eagle One V2.0. In today’s article, we will be discussing the new features introduced through this off-road electric scooter. We would especially be highlighting The thumb Throttle, which makes this adult electric scooter the best! So, without further ado, let us take you through one of the most top-tier electric scooters you will ever come across, the Varle Eagle One V2.0.

Irrespective of whatever mode of transport you use, comfort and control are two things that could dictate your overall experience. And they are not believed to be interlinked. If you are having a hard time trying to take hold of the vehicle, you will never be in control and, hence, never comfortable!

Introducing Varla Eagle One V2.0’s innovative thumb throttle for enhanced comfort and control

The thumb throttle in this adult electric scooter has been curated in a way that keeps your thumb rested. As a result, you can control the pace of an electric scooter for adults without your thumb getting tired. 

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As the thumb throttle has been made to be firm yet sensitive, acceleration becomes easier. This all-terrain electric scooter allows the rider to accelerate steadily without having the feel of a bumpy start. This precise acceleration control allows for a smooth ride every single time you rev up your long-range electric scooter.

The 710 mm extra handlebar allows you to be able to steer your dual-motor electric scooter on the most rugged of paths. The suspensions offer the rider a smooth ride without having to feel the jerks that might come along in the most adventurous of terrains.

This off-road electric scooter permits its rider to set the pace according to the terrain they are riding on. These easy-to-do speed adjustments allow for a better riding experience every single time as your safety is ensured. Remember, slow and gradual on coarse paths and swift when the path is clear!

The thumb throttle allows you to increase or decrease the speed at your convenience without you having to do much. This gives you the ability to navigate through the tightest of spaces as you will be able to slow down and pick up pace as required!

Real-World Experiences with the Thumb Throttle

As previously mentioned, having sustainable suspensions and reliable maneuvering tools will always put the rider at peace. It is integral for a long-range scooter to always make comfort a priority, and that is exactly what Varla Eagle One V2.0 does!

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Having access to the thumb throttle in this scooter electric puts you in complete control of your vehicle. This ensures that you can handle a sudden rainfall or even an oil spillage on the road.

Once you have got the hang of riding this off-road electric scooter, you will start relying on this electric scooter’s technology. You will start being more comfortable and confident in riding the bike as you know the brakes and the steering are all reliable and under your complete control!

For a lot of us, the worst part of our day is traveling to work. With the Varla Eagle One V2.0, this would not be a problem as you would want to take it out on the road due to the pleasant experience you will have every single time! This sublime riding experience encourages you to run errands rather than avoid going out!

Varla Eagle One V2.0’s Product Features and Innovations

Thumb Throttle Technology

The thumb throttle is one of the most user-friendly technologies to be added to adult electric scooters. All you have to do to accelerate is simply push on a small paddle with your thumb that is not so sensitive that it will work by touch but not so firm that you will have to turn your thumb red. The thumb throttle follows simple mechanics but does wonders for the rider!

The wide deck, the long handlebar, and even the gorgeous ambient lights all join forces with the thumb throttle to give you the best of all worlds in the Varla Eagle One V2.0 off road electric scooter. The NFC card system secures your ride, and the folding clamps promote easy storage, which all play a role in how you see the performance of this dual-motor electric scooter!

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Other Key Features

Dual 1000W motors for powerful acceleration

Power by sine wave controllers, this Eagle One V2 is a beast on wheels. It generates a total output of 3200 W, which impacts the acceleration of your ride and, of course, the speed and experience.

Robust suspension system for enhanced stability

With independent suspensions on both the rear and front end, this all-terrain scooter electric gives you a comfortable ride that makes you feel secure without feeling every hiccup along the way. The suspension system is powerful and makes sure to absorb additional force.

Long-range battery for extended rides

Vrala Eagle One V2 has a lithium battery that powers it to ride up to a distance of 42 miles. Hence, making it the perfect choice for your adventures that last all day!


Again, the thumb throttle is the perfect solution to all your maneuvering and acceleration problems. It allows you to be in complete control of your off-road electric scooters, which can make you more confident in yourself as a rider and the adult electric scooter as your adventure buddy!

The thumb throttle has a greater impact on your riding experience than you would think. It allows you to squeeze from large crowds, surf through the roughest of courses, and all that with just a thumb on a pedal. The thumb throttle allows for a better experience by providing convenience for the rider!

We believe we have done a pretty good job at exhibiting how world-class the Varla Eagle One V2 is, but if you are still not convinced, try it out for yourself. This adult electric scooter is sure to change the way you perceive electric scooters with its high-powered motor and impeccable maneuvering and acceleration.

We hope you make the right choice, just like Varala made the right electric scooter!