5 Cons of AI Writing Tools to Consider in Education


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I believe by now, everyone has at least heard about the extraordinary ability of artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools to produce written content just like human writers. Nobody ever thought it would reach a time when humans would be competing with technology, especially in expressing ideas in written form, but innovation and tech experts’ creativity have proven to us that anything is possible in this ever-evolving world.

AI essay writers have become popular among students, bloggers, magazine editors, and authors in the content writing industry. AI writing tools use complex algorithms to generate essays, research papers, and other written articles. That’s an interesting thing worth trying, right? We’ll, of course, any student who understands how stressful it is to complete piles of homework within a short time might be tempted to try using AI essay writing software. However, truth be told, these tools aren’t as reliable and convenient as you may think.

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Let’s get to know the major shortcomings of using AI essay writers in education. These are some cons of the technology that we found common in all the tools that we’ve sampled. Check them out:

1.  AI Writing Tools Lack Human Personality and Interaction

In our effort to understand AI writing tools, we established that, unlike human writers, they don’t give you an opportunity to incorporate your thoughts and ideas into your papers. In addition, relying on them entirely definitely means you’re less likely to seek your teachers, educators, or peers’ input when doing your assignments. Consequently, it could result in laziness and ineffective learning.

From our research, we have also established that AI essay writers solely depend on machine learning technology, meaning they can only write what they’ve been trained and programmed to do without incorporating expansive knowledge like humans.

2.  The Tools Reduce Creativity

Everyone knows that besides helping students acquire knowledge for their future careers, education is meant to nurture talents, critical thinking, and creativity, among other important life skills. However, relying on AI essay writers for your assignments can do more harm than good. For example, depending on the tool’s predetermined algorithms can translate to limited creativity in teaching and learning. Imagine getting your narrative or imaginative essay completed by an essay writing bot while you chill and watch your favorite movie!  How counterproductive can that trend be?

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Well, as much as you may argue that AI makes it easy for students to complete their assignments, including the most complex ones, it can reduce your creativity and the motivation to think critically and make more informed decisions. In addition, overreliance on AI essay writing tools can hinder you from thinking independently and relating to content taught in the classroom.

3.  AI Writing Tools Produce Low-Quality Papers

Most people who have used AI essay writers can attest that you can’t compare their quality to that of professional homework helpers. Without a doubt, the tools generate texts based on specific patterns, which explains why they are less engaging. Furthermore, they are only capable of tackling less sophisticated subjects and topics. As a result, most of their output is simple and unsatisfactory.

4.  You Are Likely to Get Papers with Incoherent Sentences

Most students use AI essay writers because they believe such tools generate papers that adhere to high academic standards. However, we have established that’s not always the case. You shouldn’t be surprised to get assignments with several grammatical errors and incoherent sentences when you use AI tools. Obviously, this can be discouraging, especially if your assignment is due for submission. Apart from wasting your time rewriting the entire content, you might skip important points or still retain some incorrect phrases. So, it’s always a good idea to avoid shortcuts and seek expert help. After all, it’s a matter of writing quality work and not completing your tasks faster.

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5.  AI Writing Tools Generate Plagiarized Papers

Using AI essay writers can lead to a serious academic offense. We sampled several tools and came to the conclusion that they are designed in such a way that they can only generate content from already written or published work online. Unlike human writers, you can’t ascertain the source of information in your assignments or your final papers’ credibility. Furthermore, you must insert citations to your documents manually, meaning you’ll still need to do independent research after receiving your paper. How tiresome can that be?

Is it Really Worth It to Use AI Essay Writing Tools?

Lazy students who don’t like doing independent research will comfortably say that using AI writers is faster and can transform your writing process. However, from our review, it’s evident that the tools have more disadvantages than benefits. Besides generating poorly written papers, they generate plagiarized materials. So, instead of wasting your time using AI, why not seek college essay help online? We have established that although cooperating with professional writers might be costly, the outcomes are satisfactory and worth every sacrifice.

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